The Day Hawaii Stood Still

cropped-1512221_10152197520999226_743394122805697802_o.jpgI woke up,  got out of bed, grabbed my phone and

The phone said. . . ….

A missile is heading your way


A missile has been launched and….

is heading your way.

Say that again!

A missile has been launched.


You mean…..get under the covers?

Might as well!!!


IF….you have minutes to wrap your head around the idea of this reality, what would you do in those minutes?

Call your kids!

Which one?


There are many thoughts that come to mind in a moment like above.

I think one first has to believe it has really happened.  For me by then…

Well, most likely it would be TOO LATE.

Make PEACE with the moment, your self, and any one at your side.


BE PEACE . . . … .


News media. . . .. . .


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